During the last 25 years I have acted as managing director and finance director in a number of expanding businesses and fully understand the growing pains attached to a period of expansion, which can be tense and difficult to control. I can provide experience and knowledge of similar problems and solutions and it often helps to discuss these problems with someone who has ‘been there’. Strategic planning ahead of time can bring significant benefits and cost savings later. Reviewing these plans with someone not directly involved in the business can provide new ideas and direction.

I can offer computerised accounting and payroll services, which can deliver monthly, quarterly or annual accounts and information to allow you time to concentrate on the business. Maintaining good relationships with auditors, bankers and lawyers can be time consuming. Ensuring that the correct insurance cover is in place can again take time away from developing and managing the business. I can bring experience and control to these areas, which may also bring cost savings.

Contract negotiation and terms and conditions of sale and purchase can be daunting areas for small/medium businesses. It can often help to have someone not directly involved in the business, comment on the detailed contractual discussions. I have written terms and conditions of sale and purchase, handled detailed and lengthy contractual discussions involving multi-million pound projects. I have also written and managed overseas distributor agreements used in all parts of the world and would be pleased to assist with a review of an overseas expansion plan. Getting it right first time can save time and money later.

Employing a full time finance director is a cost most small/medium-sized businesses cannot afford. Why not consider using a part time self employed person with the necessary experience and knowledge, perhaps one day per week. My rates are extremely competitive and can be tailored to reflect the scope of work and time taken. I would be pleased to meet you and provide more detail of my career to date and how I can really help you.